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How to read Visual Novels in Japanese

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As you know, most of the visual novels are still in Japanese and only a few are translated to English. It's a shame when you're a fan and you don't know Japanese... So today, I'm gonna show you how to read those.

I know two easy ways to do it; and of course, both are based on translation (to Engrish!):

· Visual Novel Reader (I prefer this one because it's easier)

AGTH (Anime Games Text Hooker)

Basically, this tool takes the text from your running game for you, so you'll be able to copy and translate it. There are more tools to help out if you don't want to keep copying everything.

We have a lot of awesome guides of this tool, so I'm gonna link one I like from another blog. Please read the complete post, he gives you more tools and explains everything in detail.

Click here to check out this guide from 99 Phoenix Downs

Visual Novel Reader

My favourite since it's very easy to install and use. This software will add translations to your game, and you can even submit your own translations!

Check the project page here if you want to know more or just follow these steps:

1. Download and install msvc 2008 sp1 x86 and msvc 2010 sp1 x86
2. Download Annot Player in order to get Visual Novel Reader. You need to extract the files.
3. Open Update.exe and let it update the files.
4. Run Visual Novel Reader (beta).exe. After that, just run your game and it will be added into your VNR window. You can launch the games you add from there.
5. A new little menu will appear in your game. The red O is to show the subtitles window, and the blue X is to hide it. Usually subtitles are not very... English, but it's better than nothing. Check out this screenshot.

Also, as I said before you can submit your own translations, so other people can enjoy them. If you're interested, here you have a guide by Sakimichi. Check out her great blog.
Tell me if you have any questions (if you feel more comfortable asking in Spanish**, go ahead).

**If anyone wants me to translate this tutorial to Spanish, tell me and I will.

8 comentarios:

  1. Thanks! This helped me a lot. I can now play Starry sky in autumn! XD Arigatou~

  2. Thank you for the guide, however nothing happens when I double click the VNR executable.

  3. Respuestas
    1. http://coloursonair.blogspot.com.es/2014/04/como-leer-novelas-visuales-en-japones.html

  4. You said to download Annot player in order to get VNR but it's not there when I unzip it :O